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We believe that automation is the key to using the cloud effectively to impact business in a meaningful way. Our MCPs are accessible from a web-based UI that is easy to use. Using a ‘point and click’ functionality, clients can deploy operating system images or cloud software directly onto cloud servers.

Our UI and REST-based API provide simple and powerful access. Clients can manage their entire environment – both public and private cloud – from a single point. The web-based UI is built on top of our API; so, anything clients can do on the UI, they can also do on our API. Instructions for using our API are publicly available on the web. Clients can write to the API and script in their preferred language: Perl, JavaScript, PHP, etc. The API also makes it easy to integrate with third-party system management or cloud management platforms.

Dimension Data Cloud Management

Dimension Data CloudControl is a sophisticated cloud management system developed by Dimension Data that provides complete automation of the orchestration, administration, provisioning, management, support, metering and billing of cloud-based resources.

CloudControl goes beyond providing simple provisioning of virtual machines onto physical servers; it also offers the following:

  • Easy-to-use interface: an intuitive web-based user interface and a robust REST-based API that allows full control and administration of cloud-based servers and storage.
  • Granular control of resources: Cloud Servers can be configured on the fly, allowing customisation of CPU, memory and storage on servers without the need to create a new instance
  • Import, export and cloning of operating system and software images: images can be deployed on servers using an image library with standard images for Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu and CentOS, as well as popular images of commercial software such as Microsoft Windows SQL Server. Images can be imported, exported and cloned
  • Hardware-based networking: configurable networking of hardware-based VLANs, firewalls, load balancing, multicast and NAT
  • Security and controls: VLANs, configurable firewalls, VPN and encrypted data in-flight and at rest, tiered user accounts, self-service configurations, user permissions, reporting and auditing.
  • Performance guarantees: network and server uptime guarantees, response time guarantees and latency guarantees.
  • Single pane of glass: Easy and flexible web-based user interface and RESTful API for provisioning and orchestration. Common user interface across public and private clouds.
  • Metering and billing: All elements are metered with comprehensive and granular billing for show-back, charge-back and end-user billing.

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